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3 Star FB

Efficiency and superior cooling define this AC. Bring it home and enjoy the cooling it delivers. Large LED Display-The display comes up when you want, at other times it is hidden to give you a clean and aesthetic look.

Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser

Special Anti-Corrosive Blue Fins are used in the copper condenser to resist its corrosion, thus increasing the AC's life.


  • High Efficiency Rotary Compressor
  • Auto Mode
  • Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser
  • Powder-Coated Outer Body
  • Wide Angle Airflow
  • Fixed and Swing Louvres
  • Air Flow Direction Control
  • Dry Mode
  • Multi-Fan Speed
  • On/Off Timer
  • Elegant Remote Control
  • Hidden Display Panel
  • Metal Enclosure for PCB board
  • Anti-Freeze Thermostat
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Auto Restart with Memory Backup
  • Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator
  • Sleep Mode
  • Cleanable Panel

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