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Single-wall rectangular HVAC duct and fittings.

Custom or rectangular ductwork.

HVAC duct fittings, including elbows and transitions in any size and shape.

Duct Work Accessories/ Support System

Hanging System

  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Requires no preparation work
  • Can be sent directly to the job site.
  • Confirming to SMACNA and DW 144 standards.
  • Slotted channel
  • Roll formed galvanized steel
  • Available in different sizes
  • Excellent multipurpose product.

Threaded Rods

  • Zinc plated threaded rod
  • Available in standard thread diameters M8, M10 and M12
  • Available in standard lengths
  • Used with L-bracket, W-Bracket, Slotted channel and nuts and washers for Complete hanging system


  • Formed 2.5 mm hot rolled sheet.
  • Fully galvanized
  • Slot provided for minor lateral adjustments.


  • Formed 2.5 hot rolled sheet.
  • Fully galvanized


  • Available in one size only -- 3/8” X 5/32”.
  • Provides a smooth, clean appearance.
  • Cheaper in rate.
  • Should be used in conjunction with Pop-rivet gun only.

Carriage Bolt

  • Available in three different sizes M8, M10, M12.
  • Fully galvanized.
  • Cheaper in rate.
  • Square neck provided to fit in the square hole of corners.
  • Flanged nut provided to eliminate washer.

Shoe Piece

  • Used to ensure proper air diversion from a main duct to side out let grills.
  • Its design and structure incorporate guide vanes and reverse flange to direct flow of air from main duct into branch ducts.
  • Complete Shoe Piece with guide vanes and reverse flange is available.

Terminal Box (Plenum)

  • This product is a durable, high quality and specially designed box; which can be of any specified size.
  • Designed to have openings that connect flexible duct on one side and linear grills or diffusers on the other side to allow smooth distribution of air.

Scroll/ Blower Housing

  • This product packs functionality with client specific attributes.
  • A complete weld free blower-wheel housing unit of varying dimensions (as required by the client) is also available

Round Collar

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