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Blue Star offers its unmatched range in energy efficient airconditioning systems to suit your requirements perfectly, be it an office, a showroom, a restobar, an entertainment centre or any other commercial space. In addition, Blue Star offers you a choice of Indoor Unit configurations – Floor Mounted or Ceiling Suspended. Packaged ACs come in a wide range of capacities and models to choose from. An optimum selection of units offer you tangible benefits in terns of space saving, redundancy, flexibility, power saving and even cost saving on related accessories such as transformers, switch-gears, generators etc.


  • Scroll compressor enables quick and efficient cooling, low power bills and minimum maintenance cost
  • In Packaged ACs with multiple compressors, microprocessor control ensures that each compressor runs for equal duration, thus distributing the load equally across compressors, ensuring longer compressor life.
  • Ducted Split IDUs are low-height and therefore, need less space between the ceiling and the roof.
  • Compact & low noise IDUs
  • Designed for speedy project completion


Eco friendly refrigerant comes optional with all models

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