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Ice Cubers

We are looking for a system to handle vaccines. Can you offer a low temperature system?

  • Yes, we can offer you a system for storing vaccines. We can design and offer a package to suit your temperature requirements as temperature management is very critical for vaccines.

Can the panels be customized for installation of various utilities?

  • Yes, these panels can be customized to suit specific needs.

We are planning to set up a fresh fruit and vegetable handling complex. How can Blue Star help us?

  • Blue Star can provide a total package from design to commissioning to after sales service. We can offer you solutions including pre-coolers, cold storages, sorting and grading lines, pack houses, and deep freezers at retail points.

In what capacity can Blue Star be associated with our floriculture project?

  • Blue Star till date has been associated with over 70% of the floriculture projects all over India. Our engineers have successfully designed, installed and commissioned refrigeration systems for pre-cooling and cold storage of flowers. You can rely on Blue Star for an expert advice.

What is 'hold over time'?

  • The time taken for the temperature to rise from -18 degC to -9 degC after power is switched off is called 'hold over time'.

Can the Bottled Water Dispenser (Commonly known as Mineral Water Dispensers) be used for making Tea / Coffee?

  • Yes, since the output temperature coming out of the hot water faucet is about 80 degC, it is suitable for easy preparation of tea or coffee.

Are water filters fitted as standard on the Water Coolers and Bottled Water Dispensers?

  • No. However filters can be easily fitted to these machines.

What are the advantages of a Vertical Evaporator Ice cuber?

  • Vertical Evaporator Ice Cubers occupy less space, consume less electricity, are easy to service and maintain as they have fewer moving parts, and are less prone to breakdowns.

What are the advantages of a Rhomboid-shaped cube?

  • It is easier to handle, resists freezing together in the bin, generates faster and more even cooling due to its large surface area, and is slow to melt.

How can one ensure crystal clear cubes?

  • Good quality water is essential. The freezing cycle should be set properly by a trained engineer from Blue Star. Uninterrupted supply of electricity is essential.

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