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Water Cooled Screw Chillers R134A

Product Detail

Blue Star brings to you a wide range of air and water cooled screw chillers, manufactured at its ISO 9001 factory with world class capabilities.

These chillers which operate on HCFC-22 refrigerant come in a quality range of eleven models varying from 75 TR – 366 TR in the air cooled version and ten models varying from 115 TR – 400 TR in the water cooled version. The condensers are designed for operation under a wide range of ambient conditions.

Due to lesser moving parts, these chillers are reliable and rugged. Further, with its automatic capacity control, it provides better efficiency under part loads making it ideal for varying load applications such as office spaces, hotels, hospitals, malls and multiplexes.

In short, these chillers offer you reliable, energy efficient performance year after year.



  • Range:
  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller
    With single compressor: 75, 102, 145 & 206 TR With double compressors: 150, 177, 204, 247, 290, 320 & 366 TR
  • Highly efficient and low noise compressors
  • Capacity Control from 25% to 100%, making it suitable for varying load applications and efficient under part load conditions. The capacity control also helps in limiting the starting current
  • Oil cooler and liquid injection for high ambient operation
  • Shell & tube evaporator has inner grooved copper tubes for better heat transfer and tubes are designed to optimize for refrigerant and water velocities
  • RS 485 port & TCP/IP web gate as an optional feature for remote connectivity, fault indication and status facility

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